ENV_20_2_cover_ENV_20_1_cover Environmental Archaeology: The Journal of Human Palaeoecology

Environmental Archaeology is an international peer-reviewed periodical which welcomes contributions that consider the interaction between humans and their environment in the archaeological and historical past. This broad scope embraces papers covering a range of environmental specialisms within archaeology, such as archaeobotany, archaeozoology (both vertebrate and invertebrate), palynology, geoarchaeology, biological anthropology, as well as more synthetic and theoretical approaches to the past human environment.





Circaea (formerly the AEA journal)

CIRCAEA was formerly the journal of the Association for Environmental Archaeology from 1983-1996. It was superseded in 1997 by the journal, “Environmental Archaeology: The journal of human palaeoecology

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Newsletter of the Association for Environmental Archaeology

The Newsletter of the Association, produced four times a year, carries lists of recent publications, news about conferences, short notes and the business of the Association.





Conference Monographs

The AEA supports the publication of proceedings of its conferences in a number of formats. To data 27 conference monographs have been produced by conference and session orgnasers.





online publicationsOnline Publications

The AEA supports a number of initiatives which have resulted in the creation and publication of online resources. This includes working papers on environmental archaeology eduction, supporting public access to environmental archaeology and the compiling of the AEA bibliography.