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Mulville and Law 2013. Environmental Archaeology and Community Engagement: Activities and Advice.

On December 1st, 2010 a workshop was held at Cardiff University on the subject of community engagement for postgraduates studying environmental archaeology. In the morning, speakers from the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff University, Young Archaeologists Club and Techniquest spoke about how they have taken their research outside of the academic realm. These talks outlined key learning outcomes from the experience, and offered practical advice in identifying and engaging with new audiences.

In the afternoon participants worked in groups with help from the speakers to design outreach activities based on aspects of their research and targeted at specific age groups. These form the basis of this resource.


AEA working papers

The Teaching of Environmental Archaeology in Higher Education in the U.K. -Working Papers of the AEA – Number 1 (1995)

Report of the Association for Environmental Archaeology Working Party on the Teaching of Environmental Archaeology in Higher Education, September 1995. The overall objective of the working party was to consider whether there was a desirable core curriculum for the teaching of Environmental Archaeology at the undergraduate level within Archaeology and Archaeological Science degrees.

Recommendations concerning the environmental archaeology component of archaeological evaluations in England -Working Papers of the AEA – Number 2 (1995)

This document is intended for use by all archaeologists undertaking archaeological evaluations as part of the planning process and curators preparing specifications for evaluations; much of it will be of general use to all those undertaking archaeological excavations.


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