Welcome to the AEA student blog

Welcome to the AEA student blog!

The Association for Environmental Archaeology encourages interaction between researchers in the field, and this includes young researchers who are interested in learning more about opportunities for development and networking.

This blog will give you a heads up for upcoming conferences, events, prizes and career opportunities. In addition, interviews with young environmental archaeologists active at various research institutions will be posted and provide a glimpse into current projects, and available research programs and facilities in the UK and abroad.

We hope to create an interactive environment where ideas and information can be shared and encourage student members of the AEA to get involved by sending contributions and suggestions. Keep an eye out for our first post, which will feature an interview with the lovely avifauna researcher Julia Best.


Who are we?

The AEA student blog is run by two student representatives, Daniella Vos and Jade Whitlam. The AEA committee recruits a new student representative each year for a two year tenure. As part of AEA’s effort to promote environmental archaeology, the student representatives’ role is to liaise between the AEA and students interested in environmental archaeology at conferences and through the social media.